Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm back...sorry for taking so long!

Hi all! Sorry it has been so long since I have updated. I have been without Internet service for several months, but I should have it (be it off and on) for at least a couple of months.

I have gotten all of your comments recently asking for an update and from those of you that were worried. I apologize for worrying those that worried and I am now here to update. I hope you all are still with me!

Well, the end of May led me to my sister's house in Alabama. That started off okay, but got weird after awhile. I did find work there, I worked as a dishwasher for a local restaurant for a couple of months, the work was good and I enjoyed myself. I am glad I did it.

I did learn that hanging out with family for too long, well, it is just that, too long. Sometimes you find things just are not so "peachy" where you are and it is time to move on. Fortunately, in my situation, I can do just that. What a relief!

After I left Alabama, I traveled back West to see my other sister in Santa Fe, NM. This was a great experience! I got to spend a lot of time with her, my niece and my two year old great niece! That was quite a treat! For those of you used to calling my dog Goof, well, little Ms. Madeline decided her name was Poof, so I guess my dog has a new name. It is cute though, huh?
LOL She was just a little doll, blond hair, blue eyes and smart! Every time she got in my truck she would say "Poof? Where are you Poof?" I sure am missing her right about now!

My sister is also quite the cook, or should I say chef? She is amazing in the kitchen and taught me so very much! My favorite spot was sitting at the counter watching her cook, then of course, being served up a spectacular dish. She could do it all so effortlessly, just amazing, really!

I had not seen either of my sisters in more than ten years, man, how different can two people be?!

I am now in Kansas, getting ready to start my first (official) work camping job. I am really excited! I am finding that I really like Kansas, it is a wonderful place. Sometimes when you travel, not only do you find wonderful places, but you also come across towns that are just...well, I don't, some kinda creepy...?

I did stop in Santa Rosa, NM and eyed the blue hole. It was beautiful, if it had of been a bit warmer I would have gone for a dip. It is beautiful clear blue, a natural spring apparently. It's not very big, but an awesome sight at the same time. There were divers way down and I could see them clearly. This is
definitely on my list for a visit in warmer weather! I also stopped and saw the largest cross in the western hemisphere, another sight to behold. Not just the cross itself, but the story surrounding it. I found this somewhere along Hwy 40 between Santa Rosa, NM and Oklahoma. Just something I pulled off the highway to see on a whim, if you are ever traveling the 40 and are in the area, well, you can't miss it.

I know I need to download pictures still, but I can't find my camera lately??? I know I have it, I have seen it since I took the pictures at the cross, but I am currently unable to locate it. As soon as I find it I will update this post with pictures from my travels.

Thank you to all who sent messages wanting updates on my blog, I will try and be more predicable, although that has never been one of my assets...
LOL. I am sorry this one is so short, but it is about my bedtime and I really wanted to get this posted. Please keep up with me, I appreciate all the responses to my blog, I never really thought anyone would notice it! I will be back soon for more on my first work camping job to let all of you know what that experience brings...good night all!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hangin' with my family...

Well, here I am camped at my sister's house in Alabama. I got here on Thursday, May 28Th. The trip here was only a few hours and without any issues, I didn't even need Vicki to map it out for me...(love you Vick!) So, the first day I got here, my niece and her boyfriend and my four month old great nephew showed up. We all hung out for a bit before my sister had to go to work for a few hours. I was instantly in love with little Samuel. He has no neck, he looks like a little sumo wrestler! He was five weeks premature, but in just four months he is huge! He was born at 4 pounds 8 ounces and now weighs 14 pounds! He wiggles A LOT! So I spent the evening with family, it was great!

On Friday my niece took me into Jasper and we did some shopping for food and supplies, had a good time together, when we got back to my sister's house my 31 year old nephew came over. He is my most favorite person in the whole world, I just adore him! He is quick witted, funny, smart ass and good looks all rolled up into one. So we sat outside for awhile and he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. Heck yeah! So, we got in his car and started driving, don't really know where, but about ten miles down the road he looked at me and said "I done went and took you aunt Monkey" (that's what he came up with for my name when he was a baby), I was so damned happy to be spending time with him! We went by his house and I met his horse, he is beautiful, saw his pond and checked out his pad, he needs to clean it. Then he took me to his friend Mike's house where we had some drinks and I listened as they played music, both of them are amazing! We stayed the night at Mike's and got back to the house around noon, by then my other, six year old, great nephew was here...Dillon. THAT is one precious boy! He says I am from "Califunga", he can't say California, lol. He talked my ear off!! Asked a gazillion questions. He even talked to Vicki for about ten minutes on the phone, they had a great conversation. Apparently she could understand everything he said, I couldn', he has that Alabama accent and all, some of what he says just doesn't sound like a word to me. I got lots of hugs and kisses and love. I watched him and Sammy for a few hours that night, I had a good time. Dillon and Goof played and wrestled in the yard, Dillon kept trying to ride her but she was having no part of it and kept shaking him off. They rolled around in the grass for hours.

One of the things here that is just amazing are the frogs in my sister's pond. In the evenings they make music, it is so loud and harmonious. I have never heard anything like it...oh, and the lightning bugs! I had never seen them before, it is so cool to watch the woods light up at night. I am going to have to watch tonight and see if they may be in harmony with the frogs, now that would be cool!

My sister finally had two days off to hang out. We cooked, she made some goulash for dinner, I had been craving it and didn't quite know how to make it. It turned out really, really good! The next morning I made fresh salsa and scrambled eggs with mushrooms and green onions in them and some sausage patties for breakfast. We ate a lot over her two days off. Last night we went through our pictures, some old from when we were kids and some new stuff. It was really good to get to finally hang out with her all day! We got caught up on a lot of stuff!

So, here I sit, in Alabama for the next few weeks. I hope I get to see my niece and all my nephews again this weekend. I figure they have lives of their own and they don't really live too close by, so hopefully they can make it out this weekend. I may take my trailer out to my nephew's house for a few days before I leave Alabama and just hang with him when he isn't working, we shall see how that goes.

I will update later! Thanks for reading...Me

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My adventures since leaving Texas...

I know it has been a couple of weeks since I blogged, but I had to accumulate some adventures to relate here ya' know...LOL.

Okay, so I left Livingston, T
exas on Saturday May 16th. I was headed ultimately to Tennessee via Arkansas. I hit the state line at Texarkana, AR right about the time to stop for the day, at about 5:30pm. I had picked two different State Parks to stay at in case one was full, it being Saturday and all. Well, I figured this was my best planning so far. I gave myself a backup just in case, right? The one thing I had been lacking up until then was a good plan, I was flying on luck, truck stops and my friend Vicki's help at the last minute. This time, I was set, ready, prepared...or so I thought! Guess I am still in the learning phase, well because, um...both parks were closed due to flooding when I arrived...aaarrrggghhh! So, I turned to my handy dandy Escapees member park guide for assistance. I found the Sunrise RV Park...I called, they had room, I headed straight there.

Upon arriving I was less than impressed to be frank. The
park was "parking lot" style, all gravel with some soggy grass between the loops of gravel, no trees...and I was in Arkansas! Well, since my well planned plans failed me, I went in and paid a whopping $30 for a gravel lot, with full hookups, thank goodness I was only staying for one night!

So, after the long drive, my more than perfect dog
had to go potty. I was being patient walking her as she had been cooped up all day in the truck when I was approached by the woman who checked me in. She asked had I had dinner yet, well "no" I said. She said to come on over to the office, they were having their first potluck that night. I let her know that I wasn't packing anything fit for a potluck, just some sandwich stuff and she told me "Oh honey, don't you worry about it, you just get yourself over there!" Okay! So after my dog had finished being a dog and I had cleaned up her dogness, I changed my t-shirt and headed for the office potluck, empty handed, looking ragged and feeling out of place. Well, that changed the moment I arrived at the office. Many guests were arriving from the park with dishes of food. We all stood or sat around outside on the little patio for awhile and got aquianted. I felt VERY welcome. The meal was awesome, the dishes were a variety, and the people, stories, and conversation was all very interesting and very fun! I learned that the new owner, an elderly woman who owned several trucking companies (I met her, wonderful woman) had just purchased the property and converted it from swamp land basically, they had just opened a few weeks before, hence the lack of trees, etc. I had a GREAT time, the people were awesome! I left overly stuffed with two additional plates of left-overs and a great feeling that I had experienced a truly wonderful bunch of people from all over the U.S.

So, all in all, I have to say that this was one of my better
stops in the end. After complaining to my bestest buddy, Vicki, about the cost of the place and the lack of foliage, I came away in wonder at the extent people go to to make you feel welcome, very much worth the $30 in the end! I highly suggest this park for those passing through, not for the scenic beauty, but for the warmth and kindness of the folks who own and run it, they deserve your patronage!

So, I packed up the next morning and was all set to head out to my next well planned destination, I even called ahead to make sure they were open! Woohoo for me, right? Well, you know the saying "The best laid plans..."
Well...I stopped by the office to convey my utmost appreciation for the previous nights hospitality when I was once again sucked into eating left overs and listening to some very interesting stories. Basically, we had a second potluck! So, once again, my well laid plans were way layed due to me deciding the experience was more important than the mileage. I finally said my final goodbye's after 1:pm. Very much enjoyed my time there, but now I was off schedule by nearly two hours. Then, once again, Vicki to the rescue!

I called her as the evening time got near and she steere
d me in the direction of the Village Creek State Park in Arkansas. Thanks AGAIN to Vicki being my mapquest hero! It was a beautiful park! Once there I realized I had no cell phone coverage and no internet, but the park was too pretty to stay only one quick night. I decided to stay two, I wanted to hike some of their trails and see the TWO lakes there. I did not regret my decision. Without cell phone or internet, I had to find new ways to occupy my time. I wrote out 10 postcards, played solitaire with real cards and fixed me two great dinners over the campfire. Oh yeah, and hiked the great trails they had there. By the time I finished my fire cooked meals, my dog and I were pooped out and slept very well! I don't mind so much being without the "comforts" of technology after all!

On Tuesday May 19th we headed out, another campground planned out and all was well there, no problem, except...there was a problem, or more like one whole days worth of problems! I decided to take Hwy 64 through the lower part of Tennessee, faster, fewer miles than any interstate, NOT! I ended up going through a per
petual construction zone. When all was said and done, I went 190 miles in seven hours, that averages out to 27 miles per!

BUT, like I say and my little brother likes to remind me, everything happens for a reason! Once AGAIN, I relied on my dear friend Vicki's mapquest abilities! She was being sneeky at work to help me out on this on, believe me, I had p
lanned on at least another hundred miles that day! She found me David Crockett State Park! Turns out this park is only 50 miles from my younger brother (for those who don't know, he is in prison in Alabama, this will be my first visit) and I have paid up through the three day weekend so I can go see my brother on Sunday. He is so excited he is speechless!

Anyhow, once again this park is beautiful. Me and my Goof (the dog) went down to the creek today and spent several hours near the small falls t
hey have here. Okay, now here is where I learned soooo much from my doggum! She is GREAT with children! I had NO idea she was so good with the little ones! She spent four hours playing with these little tiny people, she was so gentle, so good, I am sooo proud. The little girl in the pics asked her mom "Momma, can we take it home?" I have never had such a great compilment on my doggum until that moment! Here are some pics, please look at the kids faces, they were in amazement of her, as was I...

So, that is where I am now, hope all is well in the rest of the world because truthfully, I have no idea other than that mine is going great! Another blog later! Thanks for reading...

Monday, May 11, 2009

What a difference a day makes...and some after thoughts...

Well, I got A LOT done yesterday. I basically figured out much about how to organize, select, and throw away. (Sorry Vicki, but the party hat had to go!)

Anyway, I got the trailer done, I still have to do the truck, but we had some seriously awesome thunderstorms here today...and...well, not today. Just enjoying and learning to live on my own sense of timing. What do I mean by that? Well, what I have learned from this whole experience since the beginning, a little over a year ago when the planning started, is to just go with my gut feeling. Wait, think, figure it out...

So, I will do it "all" when it is meant to be done. I do believe that all happens for a reason. Tomorrow I plan on getting my truck sorted and reloaded. I am saving my "trash", all those things that I have decided I can live without, in a pile so I can take a picture for you all. I think it will be most impressive. For those who don't know, downsizing is the hardest part of "going full time" in a small travel trailer.

What have I learned, for those that have asked, get rid of boxes. It does not matter the size of the box, from a Q-tip box to a box of tea bags, put in in ziplocks, it saves space! Also, organize your refrigerator every other day, you can add bottles of water/soda out of cases (you buy cases to save money) faster than you think. Also, finish what you started! Do NOT leave half opened anything anywhere. Do not have a half full bottle of water outside and one inside, throw away as much as possible as soon as possible. On paper towels, do not buy super cheap or super expensive. A middle of the road will allow you to reuse if necessary and will cost way less and be way less bulky. Ziplock baggies are your lots of them, buy them. Ziplocks save storage space, easy open, easy close and are disposable when need be, but again, take them out of their boxes and put them in a larger Ziplock baggy, saves space.

Smaller is better in some instances...say bottled water. I was buying by the gallon, have a space in my fridge for that, BUT, somehow one got a slight pucture, water all over the floor when I got to my next stop. I now prefer 16oz bottles of water, I can load them into the fridge at six at a time. Doing this also helps "stablize" your refrigerator contents when moving, you can pack them in and help the "shift" syndrom. Same goes for my diet sodas, a six or twelve pack rather than a two liter bottle for example. I have found them much better as to resealiancy in the refrigerator while moving than flat two liter bottles.

What else...

Well, I can bet you all, that no matter how much I think I have "downsized" and no matter how proud I am of my "packing abilities", I will do it again in two months and find I have done a lousy job thus far...but I am learning and getting better. It is amazing how much "stuff" you think you "may need", when in all likelyhood, you will never. My biggest worry is being broke on the road and not having basic needs...therefore I have a couple years worth of motel soaps and shampoos and lotions sitting in a bag, but I will either use them or toss them eventually.

I am proud of tossing my hair dryer and curling iron...I have naturally curly hair, I will live with it, but putting too much effort into how my hair looks (no matter how much of a pain in the ass curly hair is) while I am camping, just seems stupid. Why do I care? I am me, I can look perfectly decent with the way I am naturally, why try so hard and keep so many unnessary "tools" to look "just right" with me on the road? I have accepted it, I have curly hair...period!

Now for the difference between "nessecities" and "conviences"...well here we go...

On a day to day basis, I utilize my computer for many different things. Weather updates, travel ideas/goals, repair/modification info, RV items, etc...but what I do not do is take the time and effort to set up my printer. I have found this to be a daunting task...although I do have several "country folk" who do not entertain the idea of internet, nor would know how to use it. Soooo, I am far behind in updating them all...shame on me! Now that I have organized my trailer (aka, home) better, I am more equiped to print these blogs and mail them...yet...okay, I just have to.

On another note, I have to tell you all that being from Southern California has inhibited me some...some stuff just does not apply to living, or traveling here is one instance...

Upon arriving here at Escapees (highly suggested) RV park, the guy who checked me in said he had found me a spot that was "easy" to back into as I had mentioned that I am a novice at backing in. So I find my spot is at the "intersection" of two "streets" when I get here. Okay, easier than normal I can see, BUT! But there are some limitations as to width, etc.

As I am ever so slowly trying to maneuver my "rig" into place, a nice gentleman offers his services as a guide. GREAT! I can use all the help I can get! Well, he a former Californian...

"Just pull up onto the grass there..." What? The grass? You cannot pull up on the grass, the treee huggers will kill you for that! So... after him assuring me repeatedly (four times) that pulling up on the grass is okay (totally against EVERYTHING I HAVE LEARNED MY WHOLE LIFE), I do it, then he tells me....okay, now...turn your wheels all the way to the left, BUT, that will turn up the grass, OMG!!!! No way!!! I threaten him with the wrath of all the environmental Gods of California, but he assures me that they do not reign supreme I do as he says...after much assurance that the grass will be fine! He successfully helps be back in, after a truly "environmental" breakdown, AND no grass was killed, WHAT DO YOU KNOW???

I just wanted to point out here how anal Californians are about EVERYTHING that will be alright. I killed nothing, no matter how it was bred into me that I would. I did no harm to anything, no matter that 37 years of threats had predicted I would. AND, I did not get in trouble, WOW!

I am slowly but surely and greatfully learning something I had always known. California is a freak state run by freaks and the rest of the world does NOT revolve around them! Thank YOU!

Anyway, still in Texas, but got some plans to move on soon...hope you enjoyed all this and I will update you when I feel I have something to say...Me

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Okay, one month and six days...totally disorganized.

Okay, this is the crazy thing...I have been! I hang out on the internet or go for walks with my dog lately, BUT...the one thing I have not found the time to do is organize! My truck and trailer need a serious overhaul, I bet I could trash a third of the crap I have brought with me, but something is keeping me from just doing it! Could it be the freaking ridiculous heat and humidity? Well...most likely, guess I have been spoiled to the mountain summers, BUT, it is getting to the point where I can almost no longer maneuver in my trailer, I MUST do something this weekend. Wish me luck on that!

What have I been doing then you ask...well....

I have been reading a lot of others full timer blogs, they are giving me much needed info. Every one of them are doing it for different reasons, although none seem to be as disorganized as I am...why? Not a lack of the "just do it" gene, I think it is uncertainty. What is it that I brought that I can let go of? You go through this phase, part of it is uncertainty, and part of it is wonder. Hmmm, the whole part of paring down your stuff is figuring out if you are better off without the drama of packing, storing, taking it with you. Basically, can you live without it? The general rule is, if you haven't used it in six months, trash it...BUT, I have not been on the road but a little over a month...

You know what's bugging me the most? I have files on my last five residences, may I need them...not sure? Probably not, but who am I to toss them? Hmmmm, what is the risk? See, that is where the most basics of sizing down comes into play...what if's? When you can not recall your address from three years ago, or five or ten. Do you keep those files, guess that's where the six month rule comes in...we shall see.

The other thing today was trying to get a driver's license here in the state of Texas...should have been simple, but it proved to be pretty tough.

I have "lost" or had stolen (I think I lost them) my most recent documents. I was refused a license on the fact that I did not have proper documentation, so my plan to become a Texan, well, we will just say, it is postponed. I am weighing my options, which means dealing with the state of California, and that is a looooonggggg term ordeal. If you know anything about CA it means waiting on hold for three hours just to ask for them to fax a simple document, which never gets sent..CA sucks! I found I cannot request a duplicate unless I am there in person to make the request. So, I am considering my other options.

So, here I sit...I do have money coming in and I am not "afraid" of much, but still, I sit and wait to decide what my options are in this situation. I am just "sitting" here though, really NOT the, as soon as I know where I am headed, I will let you all know, but for now, just thinking, waiting and...well thinking...

More on all this!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

About my traveling partner...

Well, here I sit, waiting for something to happen...those that know me, know what I mean, those that don't, well, just waiting for my ship to come in I suppose...

What I wanted to focus on this evening is my dog, Goof! I have so not given her enough credit.

This beautiful, perfect girl has stayed with me through the learning curve. She is just learning that I chose this life, I decided this trailer is our home, yet she is still right there!

She has swam in the river with me...

And she has taken to being tied up really well, she even knows what "No Barking" means for when we are in the parks...she is a trooper!
So, just so you all know, it's not all me here, I have my girl...Goof! The perfect traveling partner!

More later, stay tuned, Me

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 27... More on my travels

Well, hello again, last time I wrote an entry I was at a, boy have things changed!

I made it to my new "home" in this state, TX , the following day (since my last blog). I am now in Livingston, TX where Escapees is located. Boy, what a great group of folks and what a great program they have here. I am officially listed as the youngest retiree to join...YES! Here, I got a permanant real mailing address, lots of cheap camping throughout the US and mail forwarding all for $188 a year, trust me, that is cheap!

Since I needed work done on the trailer (read my previous blog), I asked at the office who I could take my set up to for the work which included getting a weight distribution hitch and sway bar (for safety as I discovered on the road in a very scary situation), get my converter fixed so my lights worked properly off of "shore power" and have my brakes, tires and bearings inspected and fixed/replaced if needed. They referred me to Rick, so I stopped at his shop on my way to the State Park and made an appointment for Monday. Since my black water tank was "overflowing" per say, he decided to stay after hours and correct the problem then and there. Way cool! I was soooo embarrassed to find out, after his brief inspection that there was another (up under the trailer) outlet for the black water tank, even more embarrassed when they opened it and "poo" fell out as the valve had been opened repeatedly in an attempt to dump it. He was not phased and took the necessary steps to empty it for me....whoa, lesson learned along with embarrassment, thank you! He said he would do all the other work I needed in a day as I was living in my "rig". Cool, onto the state park, fully embarrassed! Oh, and he loved my dog and she love him, good sign, seemed like a great guy, good humor and good people in general there.

So, the first four days I was in Livingston, I figured I did NOT want to stay in an "old folks" RV park (Escapees)! So I opted to stay at Lake Livingston State Park, right on the lake, very beautiful. It was $28 a day to stay there, but I was under the impression that the Escapees RV Resort was quite a bit more, so that is where I stayed until Thursday, at the state park. Friday came and the park had full reservations so I had to go, I was disappointed as I had come to be comfortable, alas, I figured "everything happens for a reason", right? Since the only other place I was familiar with was the Escapees park, well, I called and the nice lady said "We always have a space for our members", how they pull that off with over 28,000 members, I am not sure. But it was refreshing to hear that I mattered and counted for something somewhere, since I was being booted from the park I had come to feel so comfortable in. I arrived here, completely looking like crap! It was hot and very humid and I had been through the couple hours it takes to get disconnected and reorganized to move, frankly, I think I looked homeless...LOL! In an attempt to remain cool, I had doned the least of the clothes I had brought out on the road. That day I was wearing blue and white checkered shorts and a black tank top, did not match, my hair was only semi looking okay because it was plastered to my scalp with sweat, my make-up had long ago disappeared into the humidity somehow, but I made it to Escapees!

When I first walked into the registration office, the great, great man behind the counter greeted me (lookin' homeless and all!) with a huge smile and a welcome greeting...maybe they are used to distressed out of towners not used to the humidity here, but he didn't even blink at my worn out appearance! Much releif in the cool A/C with such a friendly gentleman to take care of me! He was kinda round with a big mustache, and a Texas accent ta' boot! I was instantly relieved I had come here, actually, to my new "home", to stay. Even more relieved to find out that the daily rate is only $12.50 per day to members such as me! This nice gentleman, after hearing that I was quite new at backing up my trailer, assigned me a space that was "easy to back into". For most, anyway!

So, I headed out to claim my space, #44! I got to it and was pretty confident, with a bit of embarrassment and if I took my time, I could back in my newly acquired trailer! I was working it, still confident and about 30 seconds into my attempt when a nice elderly gentleman stopped his golf cart and hopped out and guided me into my spot, figuring I was new I am sure. I expressed my appreciation for his help and he expressed his admiration for my little Scamp (I have had at least 8 people admire or ask to take a look inside), and quipped that it was "perfect"! My best compliment yet on my choice! I was warned by other owners that they are popular and very interesting to "outsiders" who have never seen inside one, so I was proud, but not as surprised as I could have been by the interest in her (she's a girl, by the way). Once in my spot, the "locals" in the nearby area soon arrived and welcomed me and were interested in my story of retiring so young and all, they all loved my dog!

So, I have been here at Escapees since then...although I cannot forget to tell you about getting my trailer serviced!

So, Monday morning, I proceeded (or tried to...) get my trailer ready to move. I have gotten pretty good at it, it is not simple, but not difficult either. You just must remember many simple things, such as closing all the windows and roof vents, moving all your stuff to a place that won't allow it to end up on the floor, disconnect all (water, electric, sewer) and switch over the fridge from electric to propane and such. Soooo, as it goes, the interest in my trailer was in full mode at 7:30am, I had three couples come by to see it and comment and tell me their story of how they wanted one! So, being congenial as I am, and loving to talk to older people with stories I will one day tell, I stopped and talked and listened. I cannot tell you how important it is to listen! to those that are older than you, not because you have to, but because you want to! Some of the best stories I have ever heard! I am learning to slow down and hear people rather than just "put up" with being "nice" and hearing them. I love listening to people with so much more wisdom than me. BUT, in each of these cases, they seemed to think that I was the smart one for aquiring my cute little Scamp! Nice to hear from those that know!

I was finally ready to roll the 10 miles down the road to Rick, who promised to take good care of my new home! I arrived promptly 30 minutes late for my appointment as all the folks held me up wanting to comment or see my rig. Rick, nor his staff, complained, but were very nice about taking it into the shop. They gave me my Infiniti back so I had a places to go, although me and my dog were welcome to stay and observe or kick it in the lounge, but we chose to see a bit of Livingston...again, everyone loved my dog! So, we went and sampled too much of the local southern food, got a call from Rick to return the truck around 11am for it's turn. I was pleased that once they had my truck in the shop (to install it's portion of the weight distribution hitch and sway bar) that I was allowed in the shop to watch. They were having some difficulty with the converter inside the trailer and the A/C wouldn't work once the converter was installed, some tense stuff!! They talked of cutting my cute little fiberglass trailer in half to find the wiring problem, but only to freak me out I soon learned, and it worked, I freaked out on the suggestion of that one!!! LOL! All the guys in the shop apparently knew how attached I have already gotten to her and joked about cutting her in half, NOT FUNNY, until I learned they were kidding me! A few hours later they located the source of the problem with my A/C, a BARE WIRE! Scary! They got it fixed, no fire, and got the hitch and all attached...sent me home $1200 poorer, but much more confident in my safety with the rig! Rick called on Tuesday to make sure all went well while unhitching it all for the first time and gave me his home phone number in case I had any problems with the wiring. Really cool folks and I enjoyed the opportunity to watch the work in progress despite the big sign that said for insurance purposes, I was not allowed in the service area!

On Tuesday I took my dog to the vet to get her shots and on heart worm prevention, another $220, but what is a mom supposed to do, risk it? No way! Very expensive couple of days!

So, tomorrow, I take my trailer and tow vehicle (the Infiniti) down to get it all inspected and registered in Texas, if all goes well, I will be headed for Alabama to see my siblings, neice, nephew, great neice and two great nephews, haven't seen some of them ever (the younger ones) and the rest I haven't seen in 12 years, should be fun, will update you all on that!

Thanks for reading!


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I got smart when I got fed up with the day in and day out of "regular" life. I retired at age 37 and bought me a truck (well, an SUV, but who wants to say that all the time?) and a 16' Scamp travel trailer and my dog and I hit the road! These blogs are about my travels, my experiences and the people I meet. I am so far loving it!