Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm back...sorry for taking so long!

Hi all! Sorry it has been so long since I have updated. I have been without Internet service for several months, but I should have it (be it off and on) for at least a couple of months.

I have gotten all of your comments recently asking for an update and from those of you that were worried. I apologize for worrying those that worried and I am now here to update. I hope you all are still with me!

Well, the end of May led me to my sister's house in Alabama. That started off okay, but got weird after awhile. I did find work there, I worked as a dishwasher for a local restaurant for a couple of months, the work was good and I enjoyed myself. I am glad I did it.

I did learn that hanging out with family for too long, well, it is just that, too long. Sometimes you find things just are not so "peachy" where you are and it is time to move on. Fortunately, in my situation, I can do just that. What a relief!

After I left Alabama, I traveled back West to see my other sister in Santa Fe, NM. This was a great experience! I got to spend a lot of time with her, my niece and my two year old great niece! That was quite a treat! For those of you used to calling my dog Goof, well, little Ms. Madeline decided her name was Poof, so I guess my dog has a new name. It is cute though, huh?
LOL She was just a little doll, blond hair, blue eyes and smart! Every time she got in my truck she would say "Poof? Where are you Poof?" I sure am missing her right about now!

My sister is also quite the cook, or should I say chef? She is amazing in the kitchen and taught me so very much! My favorite spot was sitting at the counter watching her cook, then of course, being served up a spectacular dish. She could do it all so effortlessly, just amazing, really!

I had not seen either of my sisters in more than ten years, man, how different can two people be?!

I am now in Kansas, getting ready to start my first (official) work camping job. I am really excited! I am finding that I really like Kansas, it is a wonderful place. Sometimes when you travel, not only do you find wonderful places, but you also come across towns that are just...well, I don't, some kinda creepy...?

I did stop in Santa Rosa, NM and eyed the blue hole. It was beautiful, if it had of been a bit warmer I would have gone for a dip. It is beautiful clear blue, a natural spring apparently. It's not very big, but an awesome sight at the same time. There were divers way down and I could see them clearly. This is
definitely on my list for a visit in warmer weather! I also stopped and saw the largest cross in the western hemisphere, another sight to behold. Not just the cross itself, but the story surrounding it. I found this somewhere along Hwy 40 between Santa Rosa, NM and Oklahoma. Just something I pulled off the highway to see on a whim, if you are ever traveling the 40 and are in the area, well, you can't miss it.

I know I need to download pictures still, but I can't find my camera lately??? I know I have it, I have seen it since I took the pictures at the cross, but I am currently unable to locate it. As soon as I find it I will update this post with pictures from my travels.

Thank you to all who sent messages wanting updates on my blog, I will try and be more predicable, although that has never been one of my assets...
LOL. I am sorry this one is so short, but it is about my bedtime and I really wanted to get this posted. Please keep up with me, I appreciate all the responses to my blog, I never really thought anyone would notice it! I will be back soon for more on my first work camping job to let all of you know what that experience brings...good night all!


  1. Welcome back to the blogisphere! Glad all is well. Looking forward to more travel posts . . . enjoy camphosting. :)

  2. Glad you're back! Missed reading your adventures and also glad to read that you are safe. Are yo9u working cuz you need the money or for the experience? That does sound like fun.
    Please post photos when you get a chance and I'll be around to read your posts.


  3. Glad to see your blog again Monica! I missed your posts at FGRV also. I laughed at you not being able to find your camera! In a 16 ft trailer, how many places could it be?! I used to think I wouldn't misplace things as much when I downsize from an 800sf house to a 13 ft trailer. Now I'm not so sure! Anne B

  4. Happy Birthday!! I hope you are having a wonderful birthday wherever you are.

  5. Sure hope you keep posting! I like this blog a lot.

  6. what did you do for Thanksgiving? Please keep in touch!

  7. OK! Let us at least know you are doing fine. I was hoping for an update and how your trailer is holding up? I like this blog.

  8. HisGirl.... where are you???? Where is Goof/Poof? Are you OK?????

  9. The Cross you wrote about is in GROOM ,TEXAS, . It is just off I-40 about 45 minutes EAST from Amarillo .The site where the CROSS is also has the 7 Stages of the cross in broze staues . Beautiful absolutly beautiful and a must see .AS FOR YOUR SISTERS i CAN UNDERSTAND . mY SISTER AND I ARE COMPLETE OPPOSITES and she refuses to speak to me much less allow me to visit her . So enjoy the compony of the one in New Mexico and continue to visit as much as possible. with the other one stay in touch and who knows someday things will change . I envey you being retired at 37 and traveling with POOF . We hope to buy a casita before we get too old and travel with our 5 year old Schnouzer Mizzi . LOOK FORWARD TO MORE OF YOUR JOURNEYS .



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