Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hangin' with my family...

Well, here I am camped at my sister's house in Alabama. I got here on Thursday, May 28Th. The trip here was only a few hours and without any issues, I didn't even need Vicki to map it out for me...(love you Vick!) So, the first day I got here, my niece and her boyfriend and my four month old great nephew showed up. We all hung out for a bit before my sister had to go to work for a few hours. I was instantly in love with little Samuel. He has no neck, he looks like a little sumo wrestler! He was five weeks premature, but in just four months he is huge! He was born at 4 pounds 8 ounces and now weighs 14 pounds! He wiggles A LOT! So I spent the evening with family, it was great!

On Friday my niece took me into Jasper and we did some shopping for food and supplies, had a good time together, when we got back to my sister's house my 31 year old nephew came over. He is my most favorite person in the whole world, I just adore him! He is quick witted, funny, smart ass and good looks all rolled up into one. So we sat outside for awhile and he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. Heck yeah! So, we got in his car and started driving, don't really know where, but about ten miles down the road he looked at me and said "I done went and took you aunt Monkey" (that's what he came up with for my name when he was a baby), I was so damned happy to be spending time with him! We went by his house and I met his horse, he is beautiful, saw his pond and checked out his pad, he needs to clean it. Then he took me to his friend Mike's house where we had some drinks and I listened as they played music, both of them are amazing! We stayed the night at Mike's and got back to the house around noon, by then my other, six year old, great nephew was here...Dillon. THAT is one precious boy! He says I am from "Califunga", he can't say California, lol. He talked my ear off!! Asked a gazillion questions. He even talked to Vicki for about ten minutes on the phone, they had a great conversation. Apparently she could understand everything he said, I couldn't...lol, he has that Alabama accent and all, some of what he says just doesn't sound like a word to me. I got lots of hugs and kisses and love. I watched him and Sammy for a few hours that night, I had a good time. Dillon and Goof played and wrestled in the yard, Dillon kept trying to ride her but she was having no part of it and kept shaking him off. They rolled around in the grass for hours.

One of the things here that is just amazing are the frogs in my sister's pond. In the evenings they make music, it is so loud and harmonious. I have never heard anything like it...oh, and the lightning bugs! I had never seen them before, it is so cool to watch the woods light up at night. I am going to have to watch tonight and see if they may be in harmony with the frogs, now that would be cool!

My sister finally had two days off to hang out. We cooked, she made some goulash for dinner, I had been craving it and didn't quite know how to make it. It turned out really, really good! The next morning I made fresh salsa and scrambled eggs with mushrooms and green onions in them and some sausage patties for breakfast. We ate a lot over her two days off. Last night we went through our pictures, some old from when we were kids and some new stuff. It was really good to get to finally hang out with her all day! We got caught up on a lot of stuff!

So, here I sit, in Alabama for the next few weeks. I hope I get to see my niece and all my nephews again this weekend. I figure they have lives of their own and they don't really live too close by, so hopefully they can make it out this weekend. I may take my trailer out to my nephew's house for a few days before I leave Alabama and just hang with him when he isn't working, we shall see how that goes.

I will update later! Thanks for reading...Me


  1. I am so loving your adventure.

  2. Hi Monica,
    I'm a 43 y o single mom in TN. I saw your posts on the rv forum and checked out your blog. I'm looking to buy a 13 ft something so my daughter (she's almost 9) and I can spend next summer camping. I work in the school system so I have my summers off. I've started thinking about the idea of rving full-time when I retire. How cool would that be?! I'm a social worker so probably won't be able to do that until I'm 100. Girl, how incredibly awesome to be able to retire at 37. Any tips?! Anyway, I enjoyed reading about your experiences. The best of luck and the best of times to you....

  3. Ok Monica, you are my new heroine. Not just a corporate fugitive, but retired at 37! Awesome/ Will keep following your travels!

    Sherri www.corporatefugitive.com/site

  4. Hey. It's been over three months since your last post. Are you still out there? Has something happened to you? Have you become one of the hundreds of missing persons we worry about over on the HFTM Message board.

    If you're OK, give us a sign.

  5. His girl!! come back to the Help Find the Missing Forum and update us all on your adventures!!

  6. Please let us know that you are ok!!

  7. Yes, we miss you at helpfindthemmissing.org

    Glad you had some good times with family. Hugs to goof and you.

  8. What's been going on lately? Where are you currently? No more updates? :(



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