Thursday, May 21, 2009

My adventures since leaving Texas...

I know it has been a couple of weeks since I blogged, but I had to accumulate some adventures to relate here ya' know...LOL.

Okay, so I left Livingston, T
exas on Saturday May 16th. I was headed ultimately to Tennessee via Arkansas. I hit the state line at Texarkana, AR right about the time to stop for the day, at about 5:30pm. I had picked two different State Parks to stay at in case one was full, it being Saturday and all. Well, I figured this was my best planning so far. I gave myself a backup just in case, right? The one thing I had been lacking up until then was a good plan, I was flying on luck, truck stops and my friend Vicki's help at the last minute. This time, I was set, ready, prepared...or so I thought! Guess I am still in the learning phase, well because, um...both parks were closed due to flooding when I arrived...aaarrrggghhh! So, I turned to my handy dandy Escapees member park guide for assistance. I found the Sunrise RV Park...I called, they had room, I headed straight there.

Upon arriving I was less than impressed to be frank. The
park was "parking lot" style, all gravel with some soggy grass between the loops of gravel, no trees...and I was in Arkansas! Well, since my well planned plans failed me, I went in and paid a whopping $30 for a gravel lot, with full hookups, thank goodness I was only staying for one night!

So, after the long drive, my more than perfect dog
had to go potty. I was being patient walking her as she had been cooped up all day in the truck when I was approached by the woman who checked me in. She asked had I had dinner yet, well "no" I said. She said to come on over to the office, they were having their first potluck that night. I let her know that I wasn't packing anything fit for a potluck, just some sandwich stuff and she told me "Oh honey, don't you worry about it, you just get yourself over there!" Okay! So after my dog had finished being a dog and I had cleaned up her dogness, I changed my t-shirt and headed for the office potluck, empty handed, looking ragged and feeling out of place. Well, that changed the moment I arrived at the office. Many guests were arriving from the park with dishes of food. We all stood or sat around outside on the little patio for awhile and got aquianted. I felt VERY welcome. The meal was awesome, the dishes were a variety, and the people, stories, and conversation was all very interesting and very fun! I learned that the new owner, an elderly woman who owned several trucking companies (I met her, wonderful woman) had just purchased the property and converted it from swamp land basically, they had just opened a few weeks before, hence the lack of trees, etc. I had a GREAT time, the people were awesome! I left overly stuffed with two additional plates of left-overs and a great feeling that I had experienced a truly wonderful bunch of people from all over the U.S.

So, all in all, I have to say that this was one of my better
stops in the end. After complaining to my bestest buddy, Vicki, about the cost of the place and the lack of foliage, I came away in wonder at the extent people go to to make you feel welcome, very much worth the $30 in the end! I highly suggest this park for those passing through, not for the scenic beauty, but for the warmth and kindness of the folks who own and run it, they deserve your patronage!

So, I packed up the next morning and was all set to head out to my next well planned destination, I even called ahead to make sure they were open! Woohoo for me, right? Well, you know the saying "The best laid plans..."
Well...I stopped by the office to convey my utmost appreciation for the previous nights hospitality when I was once again sucked into eating left overs and listening to some very interesting stories. Basically, we had a second potluck! So, once again, my well laid plans were way layed due to me deciding the experience was more important than the mileage. I finally said my final goodbye's after 1:pm. Very much enjoyed my time there, but now I was off schedule by nearly two hours. Then, once again, Vicki to the rescue!

I called her as the evening time got near and she steere
d me in the direction of the Village Creek State Park in Arkansas. Thanks AGAIN to Vicki being my mapquest hero! It was a beautiful park! Once there I realized I had no cell phone coverage and no internet, but the park was too pretty to stay only one quick night. I decided to stay two, I wanted to hike some of their trails and see the TWO lakes there. I did not regret my decision. Without cell phone or internet, I had to find new ways to occupy my time. I wrote out 10 postcards, played solitaire with real cards and fixed me two great dinners over the campfire. Oh yeah, and hiked the great trails they had there. By the time I finished my fire cooked meals, my dog and I were pooped out and slept very well! I don't mind so much being without the "comforts" of technology after all!

On Tuesday May 19th we headed out, another campground planned out and all was well there, no problem, except...there was a problem, or more like one whole days worth of problems! I decided to take Hwy 64 through the lower part of Tennessee, faster, fewer miles than any interstate, NOT! I ended up going through a per
petual construction zone. When all was said and done, I went 190 miles in seven hours, that averages out to 27 miles per!

BUT, like I say and my little brother likes to remind me, everything happens for a reason! Once AGAIN, I relied on my dear friend Vicki's mapquest abilities! She was being sneeky at work to help me out on this on, believe me, I had p
lanned on at least another hundred miles that day! She found me David Crockett State Park! Turns out this park is only 50 miles from my younger brother (for those who don't know, he is in prison in Alabama, this will be my first visit) and I have paid up through the three day weekend so I can go see my brother on Sunday. He is so excited he is speechless!

Anyhow, once again this park is beautiful. Me and my Goof (the dog) went down to the creek today and spent several hours near the small falls t
hey have here. Okay, now here is where I learned soooo much from my doggum! She is GREAT with children! I had NO idea she was so good with the little ones! She spent four hours playing with these little tiny people, she was so gentle, so good, I am sooo proud. The little girl in the pics asked her mom "Momma, can we take it home?" I have never had such a great compilment on my doggum until that moment! Here are some pics, please look at the kids faces, they were in amazement of her, as was I...

So, that is where I am now, hope all is well in the rest of the world because truthfully, I have no idea other than that mine is going great! Another blog later! Thanks for reading...


  1. Great story. Keep blogging!

  2. Awesome blog and the pictures are just so sweet... You must share the Blue Grass band playing this weekend as well... Give Goof a big hug from Vicki... keep on bloggin!

  3. Looks like you & Goof know how to relax and enjoy all the small wonders around you... Keep up the good work! ENJOY!

  4. Where are you now that Fall 09 is coming on?



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