Sunday, May 3, 2009

About my traveling partner...

Well, here I sit, waiting for something to happen...those that know me, know what I mean, those that don't, well, just waiting for my ship to come in I suppose...

What I wanted to focus on this evening is my dog, Goof! I have so not given her enough credit.

This beautiful, perfect girl has stayed with me through the learning curve. She is just learning that I chose this life, I decided this trailer is our home, yet she is still right there!

She has swam in the river with me...

And she has taken to being tied up really well, she even knows what "No Barking" means for when we are in the parks...she is a trooper!
So, just so you all know, it's not all me here, I have my girl...Goof! The perfect traveling partner!

More later, stay tuned, Me


  1. Enjoying reading your blog. We are full-timers too, we started in February. There is definitely a learning curve to this, but now after a few months it can seem pretty effortless. Best of luck to you in your adventure!

  2. Hi great blog.......grat looking dog too...
    I hope to be full timeing soon as i get rid of my stuff...had sell my home...thanks for sharing as I have learned from you already...could you post a pic of your scamp?
    blessings to all
    donna & my dog maggie

  3. Hi,, i am just a want-to-be,(wishing i could be) doing as you are traveling this great country of ours.. Please always be safe in all you new fun finds.. Looking forward to reading the next one (got you in my favorites)
    i am from Louisiana, so be sure to come visit my state....



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