Monday, May 11, 2009

What a difference a day makes...and some after thoughts...

Well, I got A LOT done yesterday. I basically figured out much about how to organize, select, and throw away. (Sorry Vicki, but the party hat had to go!)

Anyway, I got the trailer done, I still have to do the truck, but we had some seriously awesome thunderstorms here today...and...well, not today. Just enjoying and learning to live on my own sense of timing. What do I mean by that? Well, what I have learned from this whole experience since the beginning, a little over a year ago when the planning started, is to just go with my gut feeling. Wait, think, figure it out...

So, I will do it "all" when it is meant to be done. I do believe that all happens for a reason. Tomorrow I plan on getting my truck sorted and reloaded. I am saving my "trash", all those things that I have decided I can live without, in a pile so I can take a picture for you all. I think it will be most impressive. For those who don't know, downsizing is the hardest part of "going full time" in a small travel trailer.

What have I learned, for those that have asked, get rid of boxes. It does not matter the size of the box, from a Q-tip box to a box of tea bags, put in in ziplocks, it saves space! Also, organize your refrigerator every other day, you can add bottles of water/soda out of cases (you buy cases to save money) faster than you think. Also, finish what you started! Do NOT leave half opened anything anywhere. Do not have a half full bottle of water outside and one inside, throw away as much as possible as soon as possible. On paper towels, do not buy super cheap or super expensive. A middle of the road will allow you to reuse if necessary and will cost way less and be way less bulky. Ziplock baggies are your lots of them, buy them. Ziplocks save storage space, easy open, easy close and are disposable when need be, but again, take them out of their boxes and put them in a larger Ziplock baggy, saves space.

Smaller is better in some instances...say bottled water. I was buying by the gallon, have a space in my fridge for that, BUT, somehow one got a slight pucture, water all over the floor when I got to my next stop. I now prefer 16oz bottles of water, I can load them into the fridge at six at a time. Doing this also helps "stablize" your refrigerator contents when moving, you can pack them in and help the "shift" syndrom. Same goes for my diet sodas, a six or twelve pack rather than a two liter bottle for example. I have found them much better as to resealiancy in the refrigerator while moving than flat two liter bottles.

What else...

Well, I can bet you all, that no matter how much I think I have "downsized" and no matter how proud I am of my "packing abilities", I will do it again in two months and find I have done a lousy job thus far...but I am learning and getting better. It is amazing how much "stuff" you think you "may need", when in all likelyhood, you will never. My biggest worry is being broke on the road and not having basic needs...therefore I have a couple years worth of motel soaps and shampoos and lotions sitting in a bag, but I will either use them or toss them eventually.

I am proud of tossing my hair dryer and curling iron...I have naturally curly hair, I will live with it, but putting too much effort into how my hair looks (no matter how much of a pain in the ass curly hair is) while I am camping, just seems stupid. Why do I care? I am me, I can look perfectly decent with the way I am naturally, why try so hard and keep so many unnessary "tools" to look "just right" with me on the road? I have accepted it, I have curly hair...period!

Now for the difference between "nessecities" and "conviences"...well here we go...

On a day to day basis, I utilize my computer for many different things. Weather updates, travel ideas/goals, repair/modification info, RV items, etc...but what I do not do is take the time and effort to set up my printer. I have found this to be a daunting task...although I do have several "country folk" who do not entertain the idea of internet, nor would know how to use it. Soooo, I am far behind in updating them all...shame on me! Now that I have organized my trailer (aka, home) better, I am more equiped to print these blogs and mail them...yet...okay, I just have to.

On another note, I have to tell you all that being from Southern California has inhibited me some...some stuff just does not apply to living, or traveling here is one instance...

Upon arriving here at Escapees (highly suggested) RV park, the guy who checked me in said he had found me a spot that was "easy" to back into as I had mentioned that I am a novice at backing in. So I find my spot is at the "intersection" of two "streets" when I get here. Okay, easier than normal I can see, BUT! But there are some limitations as to width, etc.

As I am ever so slowly trying to maneuver my "rig" into place, a nice gentleman offers his services as a guide. GREAT! I can use all the help I can get! Well, he a former Californian...

"Just pull up onto the grass there..." What? The grass? You cannot pull up on the grass, the treee huggers will kill you for that! So... after him assuring me repeatedly (four times) that pulling up on the grass is okay (totally against EVERYTHING I HAVE LEARNED MY WHOLE LIFE), I do it, then he tells me....okay, now...turn your wheels all the way to the left, BUT, that will turn up the grass, OMG!!!! No way!!! I threaten him with the wrath of all the environmental Gods of California, but he assures me that they do not reign supreme I do as he says...after much assurance that the grass will be fine! He successfully helps be back in, after a truly "environmental" breakdown, AND no grass was killed, WHAT DO YOU KNOW???

I just wanted to point out here how anal Californians are about EVERYTHING that will be alright. I killed nothing, no matter how it was bred into me that I would. I did no harm to anything, no matter that 37 years of threats had predicted I would. AND, I did not get in trouble, WOW!

I am slowly but surely and greatfully learning something I had always known. California is a freak state run by freaks and the rest of the world does NOT revolve around them! Thank YOU!

Anyway, still in Texas, but got some plans to move on soon...hope you enjoyed all this and I will update you when I feel I have something to say...Me


  1. Great, I am enjoying your experiences immensely. I keep organizing and I have not left yet...but soon!


  2. I am so impressed with what you're doing. My DH would love to become a 'full timer' but I can't make up my mind to leave all my "stuff" behind. I'm really enjoying reading your experiences.

  3. This is great, girl! I, too, have a 16' Scamp, but haven't yet gotten it out of my driveway! (It's gonna happen, soon, though!)

  4. Nice blog! I hope you're doing well in the 16' scamp ... I'm very seriously considering going full-time in a 13', but I've been thinking about the 16' too.



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