Saturday, May 9, 2009

Okay, one month and six days...totally disorganized.

Okay, this is the crazy thing...I have been! I hang out on the internet or go for walks with my dog lately, BUT...the one thing I have not found the time to do is organize! My truck and trailer need a serious overhaul, I bet I could trash a third of the crap I have brought with me, but something is keeping me from just doing it! Could it be the freaking ridiculous heat and humidity? Well...most likely, guess I have been spoiled to the mountain summers, BUT, it is getting to the point where I can almost no longer maneuver in my trailer, I MUST do something this weekend. Wish me luck on that!

What have I been doing then you ask...well....

I have been reading a lot of others full timer blogs, they are giving me much needed info. Every one of them are doing it for different reasons, although none seem to be as disorganized as I am...why? Not a lack of the "just do it" gene, I think it is uncertainty. What is it that I brought that I can let go of? You go through this phase, part of it is uncertainty, and part of it is wonder. Hmmm, the whole part of paring down your stuff is figuring out if you are better off without the drama of packing, storing, taking it with you. Basically, can you live without it? The general rule is, if you haven't used it in six months, trash it...BUT, I have not been on the road but a little over a month...

You know what's bugging me the most? I have files on my last five residences, may I need them...not sure? Probably not, but who am I to toss them? Hmmmm, what is the risk? See, that is where the most basics of sizing down comes into play...what if's? When you can not recall your address from three years ago, or five or ten. Do you keep those files, guess that's where the six month rule comes in...we shall see.

The other thing today was trying to get a driver's license here in the state of Texas...should have been simple, but it proved to be pretty tough.

I have "lost" or had stolen (I think I lost them) my most recent documents. I was refused a license on the fact that I did not have proper documentation, so my plan to become a Texan, well, we will just say, it is postponed. I am weighing my options, which means dealing with the state of California, and that is a looooonggggg term ordeal. If you know anything about CA it means waiting on hold for three hours just to ask for them to fax a simple document, which never gets sent..CA sucks! I found I cannot request a duplicate unless I am there in person to make the request. So, I am considering my other options.

So, here I sit...I do have money coming in and I am not "afraid" of much, but still, I sit and wait to decide what my options are in this situation. I am just "sitting" here though, really NOT the, as soon as I know where I am headed, I will let you all know, but for now, just thinking, waiting and...well thinking...

More on all this!


  1. Can anyone at Escapees help you out with the Texas Drivers License problem?

  2. Well, I am looking into getting a passport, do not know what the required documents are for that, I will let you know...



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